“The paradox is that we think we live in a very liberated society but the male nude still troubles people,” “Masculine/ Masculine”exhibit (Museum d’Orsay, Paris, 2013) curator Xavier Rey told the Telegraph in 2017.

Penis. Dick. Phallus. Siitin. Lollipop. Muna. Kuk.
Dick pics – everyone seen them but nobody talk about.
How my dick looks compared to others? In my fantasies?

My Perfect Dick Selfie is following popular project Cats and Boobs done upon 3 previous years. When I was doing Cats and Boobs series I got plenty questions – what you are going to make for men, dogs and dicks? Same time I became popular enough to get constant flow of dick pics. One day I caught myself of thinking – how they are doing it? And what effect they want? Then My perfect dick selfie was born with easy concept – you tell me how your perfect dick pic look and I do the picture. I was surprised how problematic has been talking aloud about dicks. Seems that upon 26 years from release of the famous The Vagina Monologues by Eve we learned to pronounce VAGINA without blushing. Shall we learn to say DICK aloud? Definitely.

It’s still not possible to publish naked photo almost anywhere – social media block it immediately, ban and/or mark it explicit. When officially mind is open then reality provides correctives.